7 steps for choosing the right wedding shoes

by:FeaMont     2020-08-03
Did you know that choosing the wrong wedding shoes will make your wedding unbearable?
Choose the right wedding shoes by reading these seven steps to avoid some expensive mistakes.
What girl does not like to buy shoes?
Wedding shoes are no different.
There are a lot of styles of wedding shoes out there, so let\'s make sure you choose the right one!
If you\'re like most women, more than once, you\'re wearing a cute pair of strap heels, and after a few hours, your feet are as sore as before, don\'t know if these shoes are really worth your pain!
You will think that we will learn from the first painful foot experience.
However, we do this more than once again!
It\'s not where you want to find yourself or your feet at your wedding!
Your wedding was very comfortable!
The best thing is that you don\'t have to give up style for comfort.
The trick is to find fashionable and comfortable shoes.
Warm tips for wedding shoes 1.
Didn\'t you wear high heels before?
Your wedding is not the day it started!
Your feet will be in a state of shock.
Try the low price or wear a pair of satin ballet shoes. 2.
Buy shoes in advance, it is best to buy wedding dress at the same time or soon after.
You need to know how well they coordinate with your clothes.
You also need to take them to your tailor so that your clothes can be rolled accordingly. 3.
Consider the decoration on your wedding dress.
Drilling shoes may not coordinate with the skirt dotted with pearls. 4.
If you do buy high heels, put them in.
Don\'t wait until your wedding day and wear them for a long time.
Breaking them in advance on the day of the wedding will ensure comfort. 5.
Remember your groom!
Try not to buy shoes that will let you surpass him on the altar.
It is not considerate and will not look good in your photos. 6.
If you have a budget, buying wedding shoes can be a great place to save a few dollars.
Most of the wedding dresses are floor length.
Therefore, wedding shoes are rarely seen in any case.
Borrow a pair of wedding shoes or buy a pair of cheap ones. 7.
Consider buying two pairs of shoes.
Many brides choose to wear a more comfortable pair of shoes at the reception.
DIY tips: buy a pair of white flip flops and add Swarvoski crystals to the strap.
Change them on the way to reception and be comfortable all night!
Tell you the truth. . . .
In any case, many bridesmaids often change with comfortable shoes, so why not match them?
Make sure they are comfortable no matter which pair of wedding shoes you choose!
You don\'t want to review your wedding and remember how painful your feet are!
Make your feet happy and you will be happy!
Have a nice wedding!
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