a to z guide to wedding planning!

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Setting up a scene for a perfect wedding can be a daunting task, and wedding trends change rapidly over time, which means making decisions is difficult.
Usually, the best start is to think about the form of the event and how you want your guests to feel at the wedding!
Whether you choose a garden wedding with subtle colors, relaxed natural tones, or a themed wedding in a wild venue with bold wedding colors and quirky wedding decorations, no matter which way you go, the wedding atmosphere you create will create the best memories!
Secondly, choose your bridesmaid, which is usually the next stage of your upfront plan
Wedding event!
Apart from the wedding itself, this is the most anticipated event for the girls!
The bride shower is a gift known as a trainer for both
Party for the brideto-
Looking forward to her wedding, this is the time for women in your life to get to know and share advice with each other before the big day.
Single parties are also known as hen night, hen party, or hen party, and on the other hand are considered \"Carnival Night\", a night when girls go out to honor the bride --to-
In the common style of that social circle.
It\'s the bridesmaids who control the situation, organize stupid costumes for brides, dare to play, prepare gifts for girls, including name tags, a unique gift idea, fun straws to drink with the personalised bachelorette koozies!
In the end, your ceremony, the moment when two people are united in marriage, is the reason why you plan this special day.
The way you choose to hold the ceremony and the next wedding reception is often linked in form and theme, and the choice is endless.
For a ceremony, you must consider the location, church or temple, beach, garden or formal venue, which is usually driven by the choice of a folk or religious ceremony.
Most ceremonies have a similar structure, and your vows, reading, and music are for personal service.
More and more couples are fleeing the traditional big celebration wedding and instead holding smaller, more intimate ceremonies in exotic places.
Whether your destination is an overseas wedding or an interstate wedding, a lot of organization is required, not only for the couple and the day of the wedding, for those guests who have put extra effort on your special day, this is also a great thing!
Congratulate you on your engagement. Let\'s start.
Start with your engagement announcement, maybe a notice in the newspaper informing the community, or an item you can send in the mail to let your friends and family know the good news!
If you move quickly, you can even add wedding save dates to your engagement announcement to help you make your plan budget.
Some couples will choose to have an engagement party, have the opportunity to celebrate with family and friends, and let future guests get to know each other before the big day.
Offers for engagement parties are usually distributed to guests as gifts to thank guests for attending, such as candy or custom beer cookies to take home as souvenirs.
The Wedding Present, also known as bonbonniere, is a small gift of gratitude to the bride and groom\'s guests.
The idea of wedding favors has become a major part of wedding planning, and modern gift trends include: cd of bride and groom\'s favorite music, candy cans, photo frames and wedding koozies.
Gifts can also be made with the couple\'s name, initials or wedding date, or even the name of an individual guest to make gifts and place cards.
If you choose wedding gadgets as your wedding gift, it\'s a good idea to start browsing through these designs a few weeks before you need to deliver them.
There are a variety of designs that can help you create the perfect match with your wedding color scheme, theme, etc.
Please read the previous article to help with your design;
Personalized Wedding deals on budget
The inspiration for the wedding amazed your guests!
A wedding present is a gift from a guest to congratulate the couple on getting married.
Gift giving usually has some etiquette, and some couples may choose to share the hard work in this area for their guests and have a gift registry with a wish list to choose from.
Others may have a wish well, a place where guests can anonymously put cards and money gifts into a box called Hope well to help the couple start a new life together.
Honeymoon is a traditional holiday for newlyweds to celebrate their reclusive marriage.
While holidays should be an option that suits the couple\'s views and interests, it is not uncommon to fly to exotic and romantic places.
For couples with limited budgets, a destination wedding can be a great way to split costs, making it easy to increase the number of days spent on a honeymoon.
Wedding invitations are a great way to set up a scene for your guests.
From your wedding announcement or save date, your wedding invitation may be interesting or formal, but information should be provided and an RSVP date should be held, this way you can follow the deadline in wedding planning.
In modern times, the way invitations arrive is becoming more imaginative and you can choose a link to an online wedding website where guests can respond electronically or include links to video messages.
Items sent in the Mail can also be creative and unique, such as folding gifts in origami style, printing a message on the balloon and reading only after the explosion, or send custom wedding koozies for your guests to enjoy at home and bring them on the same day!
Wedding jewelry can be simple and delicate, and can be bold and colorful.
This is a very personal choice that the bride will make when choosing wedding dresses and bridal party costumes.
Sometimes, traditional jewelry is passed down from generation to generation in a family, and bridal accessories can include earrings, bracelets, headwear and hair combs.
\"You can kiss the bride now \". . .
The groom waited all day!
Many couples will discuss the issue of kissing before the wedding, and some will even find the answer at this moment that makes them most nervous!
Question like this, how long should it take?
Should be full-on smooch? Or just a peck?
What is the wedding kiss etiquette?
The answer is, there is no real etiquette, just show each other how happy you are to commit to each other and show this to your guests, remember, you may be in front of parents, grandparents and young children. LOVE.
Strong feelings and the reason why you have been trying to plan your final wedding. Say no more.
Is this a big problem for your wedding reception, DJ or band?
Usually, the answer depends on the budget, the form of the activity, and the location.
There\'s also a decision on which music you should go, create an amazing playlist to get your guests up and of course the first dance!
Here is the choice of our first dance music.
Top 5 first dance wedding songs if you follow the tradition of \"old things, new things, borrowed things and blue things\" then this is your new thing!
If your wedding dress is made to order, you can use it as a new thing for you, or as an accessory to your bride or a nice new pair of shoes.
Let\'s face it when it comes to your wedding, and you can consider using a bunch of items to check this box!
Weddings are usually the most popular season for weddings prepared for perfect weather is spring and summer so you can provide a lot of light for your wedding photos, and you have the best chance to enjoy the sun outdoors with your guests.
Your outdoor wedding location may be on a national park, garden, winery or beautiful beach, no matter which outdoor wedding you choose, be sure to prepare a wet weather plan just in case!
Wedding photography is a big example for many couples.
It\'s good to be able to capture your big day and all the hard work into the images you can cherish in the coming years.
Choosing a photographer can be a daunting task, be sure to ask around for advice, check out the portfolio of previous work, and get to know your photographer so they can learn to capture what is important to you.
After the event, watching your photos together as a family is a beautiful way to connect, each picture tells its own story, and each story becomes a memory of a lifetime!
Sir and Madam quiz, the ultimate quiz that any single person should complete on their \"night of freedom. . !
For bridesmaids, this is an interesting way to get in touch with and get to know the groom before the event.
She will prepare a series of questions that the groom will answer, and of course, things can become a little cheeky depending on the bride\'s shower or the form of a single party, and then, the bride needs to see how many answers she can match the groom\'s answer, and then usually confiscate every wrong answer.
The wedding reception, which is the fun part, after you nervously say your vows in front of your family and friends, you can relax with food, drinks and dance at the wedding reception.
Wedding reception ideas include formal sit-ins
Dining, cocktail party or beach barbecue at leisure.
You can usually give this to your wedding planner or venue to organize so you can enjoy the celebration and spend time with your guests.
Your wedding announcement and the first wedding stationery are your save date!
This is an ideal gift for long term appointments, designed to be sent to your guests in advance before a formal invitation, and once you have set a date, you can send these emails out, so that your guest can save the date in the diary.
Some popular ways to send save dates include;
Postcards, calendars, tickets, magnets, custom beer gadgets and more.
T is also for trouble and is often considered one of the most controversial parts of the wedding planning process, the horrible table plan!
Aunt Joan can\'t get close to cousin John 2 and you really want to sit with your friends instead of following the traditional top table style with your parents. . .
At the end of the day, this is your wedding and as a couple you should be able to choose the seating plan that suits your wedding form and guests.
The usher, also known as the groomsman, is usually a friend of the groom, recruited at the ceremony to guide the guests, and the bride and groom can usually get help throughout the wedding.
The usher usually wears the same wedding dress as the groom and groomsmen, and appears in a formal wedding photo with the bridesmaids.
The exchange of wedding vows is an important part of your wedding.
It could be a very romantic moment and a perfect place to express each other\'s feelings.
Vows can be modern or traditional, led by priests or celebrities, written for you or you, and can be customized according to your personality.
Almost every girl\'s wedding dream starts with a dress!
There are so many gorgeous styles to choose from, all designed to fit in different shapes and sizes. . .
You can find the perfect wedding dress here. . .
Prom dress, mermaid, A-line, Sheath. Strapless, V-neck, halter-neck, one-
Shoulder, illusion, etc!
Once you find the perfect style, you can start to traditionally by the color and density of the material, heavier fabrics such as brocade and flower cloth, or lighter materials such as silk and chiffon, the color of the wedding dress is mainly white or ivory, but nothing is available now!
While this is not necessarily the last night of the single party \"freedom\" that every groom plays in hangover, of course, as a carnival night or weekend is reputable!
Some will spend the weekend in Vegas, but in general, the party atmosphere will include stylish bars, nightclubs, and, most importantly, strip clubs!
Just like a bachelor party, here, groomsmen and other members of the bridal party will shine with ideas, organize Awkward Costumes for the groom, as well as drinking games and daring to try!
Gifts to men may include matching t-
Personalized shirts, glasses, beer corners or custom beer koozies for everyone!
The number of years spent together, the number of years of engagement, and then the number of years of marriage.
Once your wedding becomes a good memory, you have many years of wedding anniversary to look forward to and celebrate.
There will be a symbolic gift for each anniversary, and here is a gift of tradition and modernity, a list of traditions;
In a perfect world, every bride and groom will have a perfect wedding, and there will be no accident.
This is not a perfect world, however, and every twist means a new story!
Our only suggestion is to enjoy every minute of your special day, stay with every guest as much as possible, no regrets!
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