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by:FeaMont     2020-08-05
In another dimension of the Earth, an evil force
The hungry and greedy Baku roots decided to adopt a powerful core called the infinite core.
Bringing it into itself will cause it to explode, sending the two parts of the infinite core and the silent core to Earth.
In order to restore the balance and let the Baku Gans live in peace again, the two parts must be found and regrouped together. ~ O. K -What? ! ? !
~ Whether we get it or not, our kids will definitely be crazy about it!
This must be the party theme of the season!
Decoration: make a wall of Baku dry characters.
It will be a wonderful conversation for guests and will also look great as a decoration.
Select at least 10 Bakugan and download the enlarged image from bakugan. com-
Official website.
Use color ink to print out the size as large as possible.
Use the details on the Web or on the card to write down each biography.
Their health, strength, weakness and so on.
On a separate sheet of large font.
What you deserve in the end is 10 (or so)
Large color photos and 10 corresponding bios.
Display All pictures next to or below the bios on a central wall.
Use the licensed Bakugan party decoration to coordinate the yellow, red and black balloons and ribbons to highlight the character wall and make it the focus of the party room.
Theme posters and toys are also a highlight of the party room.
Game: Bakugan release-
Test your launch skills.
Each punch must have the accuracy and skills to open and activate their Bakugan.
Place 4 cards about 2 inch apart on a flat surface.
After about 5 feet, mark a launch line with a masking tape.
If you have enough Bakugan, put them in a bag and let each child pick one randomly from the bag when it\'s their turn.
You can also ask every child to bring their favorite Baku to the party.
Children who have a birthday must go first forever!
3 launches per child.
If you can get your bakugan open, you will advance to the next round.
If not, you send it to the doomsday dimension.
Keep going until they have only one last quarrel left!
Throw the ball-
It\'s a fun challenge and a challenge!
Use 6 super elastic balls.
Set up a series of 6 barrels or some kind of box.
You can choose whether to make them horizontal, diagonal, two rows and three rows or gather together.
Whichever one you choose, just make sure the barrel is close, about 2-
Apart 3 cm
Buy some Bakugan trading cards, enough to win 2 to 3 per guest.
Mark a line after about 5 feet.
Line up at the bottom of each bucket with 1 transaction card-
Make sure they face down so players don\'t see them.
The birthday boy left first and asked him to try and put the ball in the bucket.
The ball must fall in the bucket and cannot pop out!
When all 6 balls are thrown out, the player can collect his winning cards from his bucket of falling to Earth.
It will be very exciting to find out which cards they won!
Replace the card, collect the ball, let the next child line up, come on!
Keep playing until the cards run out or everyone has an equal share.
Not as easy as you think!
This could take 2 or 3 rounds-
Those balls are hard to tame!
Bakugan Pinata: because they didn\'t launch any Pinata on the Bakugan theme, let\'s make it ourselves.
A very easy way is to buy a round beach ball pinata, or even a sports ball shaped pinata, and paint it to match your child\'s favorite Bakugan ball.
Another option is to do it yourself.
To do this, you can report a beach ball to Mike River.
Make sure to cover the beach ball with thin Vaseline so it can be separated and removed easily.
Another option is to use a punch balloon.
In this way, you have a built-in hanger with an elastic handle --
Just make sure to blow the punch ball up until it is completely rounded.
The key is to use several layers of newspapers and glue to make the pinata very strong and give yourself a few days of drying.
The good glue ratio is 1 water and 3 white glue.
The newspaper article should be 2 inch wide and 9 inch long.
When the ball is completely dry, use the exacto knife to cut the flaps of about 4 inch x 4 inch.
As long as there is enough space, you can pull out the beach ball or pop up the balloon.
Paint and decorate your pinata with candy, dim sum and re-seal.
Activity: \"Are You Smarter than a fighter?
\\ \"Play a trivia game according to the cartoon series and card games.
Prepare 5 rankings of questions from the simplest to the hardest for each quiz player.
Write 5 questions on the personal index card and let the player choose their own questions from the hat.
Every issue should get harder and harder, so inform players that they can stop at any time.
Questions like \"who is green?
\"Who has wings ? \"
Who has pink hair? \\\".
Of course, everyone will get prizes for playing, but the prizes you can get through each question will also get better and better!
If you get the right answer in advance, you lose everything if you are wrong!
Well, maybe not all people have a basic award that everyone can get through Question 1.
Make sure to provide 3 possible answers to help the children and adjust the difficulty of the questions to the age group participating.
Menu: too much work is involved in the setup of this party, go eat the favorite food of the fighter --
Pizza, of course!
It\'s simple and easy-
Especially when you order.
An interesting idea for the snack table is to make all the food spherical.
You can eat meatballs, cheese puffs, gum balls, melon balls-you name it!
Make your imagination wild and see if you can come up with 6 foods that correspond to 6 types of Bakugan.
Your child can tell you what these types are!
The idea of a very neat drink is to punch.
The fighter gets very tired after the fight, this is the best choice to pick me up!
All you need is a punch bowl filled with Mountain Dew and strawberry or raspberry sorbet.
Just before you want to serve, add the sorbet and the kids can watch it bubble and bubble.
Great taste too!
You can make Baku dried ball cupcakes for dessert.
Use your child\'s favorite color as the main icing sugar.
There is an icy pipe at hand to add some lines and symbols similar to the Bakugan ball.
If you like cakes, use the same idea as cupcakes on a larger scale.
Use the theme statue to create a scene like the expensive decopac set sold in the specialty store.
Conquer now!
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