buying guide: find the best outdoor patio umbrella for your home (photos)

by:FeaMont     2020-03-03
With the hot summer coming, a patio umbrella is an essential outdoor accessory to help keep you cool.
Not only do they provide shade, but a wide variety of options on the market also make them the highlight of any outdoor space.
While the style and size of your patio umbrella depends on your personal preferences and areas that require shade, there are some very basic things to remember when you shop.
In our purchasing guide we break them down for you: consider the size.
The outdoor balcony umbrella is mainly measured by diameter.
However, you should first decide that you need an umbrella to provide a shaded area.
The golden rule is to ensure that the patio umbrella is about 5\' larger than the area to be covered.
In general, most of the umbrellas are in 6 \'(
Including two chairs and a table about 30 \"wide)and 9\' (
Shadows can be provided for 48\"
The table is wide with at least four chairs).
Determine the frame material.
The umbrella comes with a metal or wooden frame.
The main difference between the two is that the wooden umbrella does not rotate and is usually opened through pulleys and pins, which requires more manual labor.
On the other hand, a metal umbrella usually comes with a crank that can be rotated to open the umbrella.
When it comes to weapons (
Also called \"spareribs \")
Hold up an umbrella, the stronger your umbrella will be.
Please remember the fabric.
Most outdoor umbrellas are prepared for the weather. , mildew-and UV-
Fabric resistant.
However, the breathable fabric is also worth considering, it is waterproof but allows water vapor to pass through.
This means a breathable fabric umbrella is perfect for keeping you cool in the shade of the shade during the hot summer.
Take a look at some patio umbrellas that we see right now in the market.
Also, please let us know in the comments below what you are looking for on the beach umbrella.
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