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by:FeaMont     2020-03-02
The elegant lines of the Offset glioni floor lamp are reminiscent, and the Offset umbrellas are also practical as you can hide them behind --or beside —
Outdoor sofas or tables without ugly poles blocking sight.
Neutral tones are classic, or add a color to decorate the patio furniture at a range of price points.
Marine Master Max Low-
Price: $11,735, 10. 75’ h. x 10’ w. x 10’ d. Marine-
Alumina frame, stainless steel and UV-
Stable heat
Sunbrella fabric lampshade made of polymer.
Designed by sailor dugen Clark, this \"shade sculpture\" umbrella is built not only with the ocean
In fact, it looks like a rigging that can withstand the sun and rain.
Miramar UmbrellaSource beach umbrella offset: Canadian Tire Price: $599. 99, 9. 5’ h. x 11. 5’ w. x 11. 5’ d.
Olefin fabric, aluminium and steel frame.
Including the basis and net amount of separate sales. Made in China. Solar-
The spokes of this umbrella are driven by LED lights and rotate 360 degrees with manual tilt and crank handle. 1010-ft.
Cantilever square umbrella Source: Hauser Price: $1,699. 10’ h. x 10’ w.
Available in select fabric, See store for selection.
Deck mounting is available and the base can accommodate 250 lbs. of sand.
The base and protective cover are included.
A cool metal finish paired with a pool
Shades of blue that are tilted at three different angles. An easy-
Use a pedal to rotate the canopy 360 degrees.
Umbrella Source: JYSK Price: $149. 99, 9’8” h.
Shades of blue, tan, brown, gray, red and yellow.
The modern SoCal atmosphere is stylish on the square sofa.
It integrates positioning, windshield and easy-to-install tilt features
Open crank system.
The base is sold separately. 10-ft.
Price for LEDsSource: Lowe: $449, 9\'1\' hours. x 11’ 1/1/4” w.
Natural shades of red and yellow.
Base covered with olefin canopy, aluminum bar, steel frame and fabric. In UV-
Natural protective fabric in red and yellow. Rust-
Aluminum-resistant Rod for strip steel rib frame. Made in China. Solar-
This carefully designed dual power LED light is festive in the red shade
The ventilated version also comes with a simple
Tilt crank adjustment. Santorini 10-ft.
SimplyShadeSource: Canadian Lighting Price: octagonal cantilever umbrella for $ 249,10\' w
Red, antique beige, natural and forest green polyester fabric. Made in the U. S.
The traditional hunter green umbrella, with a focus on bronze hardware, has a full 360-
The degree of vertical and horizontal tilt is rotated, as well as the 1 feet pedal that rotates the canopy.
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