choosing the right patio umbrella fabric

by:FeaMont     2020-02-25
One of the key parts of the beach umbrella is the fabric used for the canopy.
This work is not just a decoration.
It also has practical aspects.
When choosing a fabric, it\'s never a good idea to shrug or choose the fabric that looks right.
Because your umbrella can\'t meet your needs, this road will cause pain in the future.
To determine what you need, you should ask yourself a few questions: 1)
Are you easy to burn in the sun?
If you have fair skin, it is important to check how much UV radiation the fabric actually blocks. 2)
Is your home located in wet areas with high risk of mold and mildew?
Different fabrics have different mildew resistance, so this is the issue you should consider. 3)
How often do you use a beach umbrella?
If the answer is always there, make sure the fabric is color-dropping. 4)
Do you think you need to clean up your umbrella a lot?
Different fabrics have different requirements for this treatment, so be sure to know before buying.
Now that you already know what you need, let\'s simply look at the basic categories outside.
Olefin fabric Olefin is a solid and durable synthetic fabric that is commonly used for patio umbrellas.
It has good mildew and stain resistance and is easy to clean.
The anti-fading performance of this fabric is not as good as other fabrics, so it is usually only guaranteed for one year.
Because of this, however, olefin is often a cheaper option.
If you don\'t use your beach umbrella often, the olefin will do a great job.
Acrylic fiber is another synthetic material made of highly processed polyester fiber.
This has the effect of enhancing and sliding materials, making these fabrics use about 50% longer than other synthetic materials.
This makes them more expensive, but they are still cheaper than cream.
Acrylic is a great solution for moderate frequent use or if you want to make a lasting investment without destroying the bank.
Sunbrella brand fabric Sunbrella is a specific brand of patio umbrella fabric and is widely regarded as the best.
You will spend a lot of money, but it is worth it.
Tests on Sunbrella fabrics show that they allow only 2% of UV rays to pass, meaning it is equivalent to SPF 50 sunscreen.
In addition, it has good mildew resistance.
This color is guaranteed to last for at least three years and may be more if you use an umbrella only on a seasonal basis.
This material is highly recommended if you can afford to invest.
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