choosing wedding marquees for your wedding

by:FeaMont     2020-07-31
Outdoor weddings are quickly becoming a choice for couples today.
If you are one of these couples, you should know that there are a variety of wedding tent options in addition to choosing a good wedding tent.
Wedding tents are available in different styles, shapes and sizes.
Before you decide on a large company, you should choose from a different style of wedding tent first.
-style wedding tents, similar to party tents built with poles arranged on a tripod.
The folding gazebo has exposed beams and internal ropes.
Compared to other types of tents, this one looks less formal.
They offer a leisure place to meet and start a conversation with people.
Wedding tent in Bedoin or Indian tent, Bedoin tent can have open pavilion or canopy design but it has a stylish look with exotic design which makes
The tent has walls and ceilings and is decorated with various curtains made of Moroccan or Indian fabrics.
Tents like this are more suitable for weddings at night.
The tents have solid metal frames to support them, as well as hard floors, windows and structured walls.
This is a big tent that can be divided into different parts.
You can have a dancing area, a bar area and a dining area in a tent.
In addition, it offers air conditioning, lighting and heating.
This is the perfect wedding box for large weddings, suitable for unexpected weather changes.
They can be very expensive, but they are worth every penny.
There are a lot of things in your life that will determine which wedding tent you will choose.
Space or conditions available on site should be considered.
Of course, you will hope that the folding gazebo will be placed in the venue.
If you have a wedding catering service, you will want a place where they can work without any distractions.
This can be easily solved by installing a catering tent on the main structure of the wedding tent.
Don\'t forget that the catering supplier also needs electricity, lighting and water.
Some of the things that use the most electricity are water bottles, water boilers, lighting equipment and bands.
You may need to hire a generator for all of this.
Wedding contractors should also provide furniture such as desks and chairs for wedding receptions.
They were even responsible for tablecloths, chair covers and pottery and glasses.
If the wedding folding gazebo rental does not have the style of linen or cutlery you like, you can rent it separately for an extra fee.
For those couples who will hire a DJ or band to entertain wedding guests, don\'t forget to ask if marquee company also offers a modular dance floor and portable stage.
For Marquis, which is far from toilet facilities, a portable or separate toilet is essential.
The equipment also requires electricity and, of course, additional costs.
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