compass umbrella

by:FeaMont     2020-03-06
The rainy season is here.
As a result, umbrellas have become one of our daily necessities.
This is why I am interested in the existing function of the umbrella.
I found an umbrella while surfing the Internet.
Sun shadow & night light-
Designed by Japanese designer Yang ZeSiao.
This is a combination of many.
Features solar panels and OLED.
The umbrella stores solar energy during the day and turns it into electricity at night to light up OLED.
Inspired by this umbrella, I really wanted to recreate my umbrella.
When pedestrians find their way using the navigation app, they focus on the phone screen.
However, it can be quite dangerous, especially in rainy days.
So I\'m thinking about designing a compass umbrella that can navigate the bracket at night and indicate the nearby vehicle.
This can be achieved by adding an electronic compass and LED strip to a normal umbrella.
If you stand on the geographical north pole with a compass, it will point to the north corner.
Remember this principle, we use the electronic Compass (LSM303DLH)
Parameters, pass the collected data with some formulas, and then get the path angle. (
The path angle is the angle between the Arctic and X-
Axis of the electronic compass. )
Separate the whole edge of the umbrella (a circle)
Divided into ten equal parts
In this way, there will be ten virtual points on the edge of the umbrella.
We put three small lights on each point.
Then we add the rgb led, which represents the geographical Arctic direction of the umbrella.
Please feel free to add more ideas or make corrections to the above design solutions. COMPONENTS1.
Digital rgb led waterproof strip 60 LED-(1m)2.
Tilt compensation combination.
Dfrills Pro Mini v1. 3(8M3. 3V328)4. toggle switch5. 3.
7 v polymer lithium ion battery-
1000 mAhTest function of electronic compass firs.
Then six-
Convert the axis vector parameter to a path angle and send it to the serial port for printing.
Place the chip horizontally and check X-
The axis overlaps with the imaginary Arctic.
Please refer to the hardware review of the electronic compass tilt compensation method for rotating pitman arm full 360 degrees.
Circuit diagram note: 1.
The default I2C interface of Arduino pro mini is A4 (SDA),A5(SCL). 2.
Since the arduino pro mini does not have a usb dac, the user is unable to use the USB cable burning program.
Users cannot burn programs or test and adjust serial ports without FTDI. 3.
The actuator of the FTDI downloader is saved under the driver file under the Arduino IDE.
When installing the actuator, select the ftdi usb driver in the pop-up dialog box and click start \".
The download program test code can be found in the attachment.
It is saved under the umbrella File> el-compass_test. ino.
You need to import the LSM303DLH library before testing.
Code Analysis on Electronic Computers: WDescription: start I2C main line (main facility)
The communication of LSM303DLH is carried out through I2C and Arduino.
Sentence: LSM303DLH compass;
Description: initialize the electronic compass and set up a LSM303DLH type theme called compass. Sentence:;
Description: collect the parameters of lsm303dlh and assign them to compass. m. x/y/z (
MEG data in three vector directions).
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