\'cool\' grandpa in rio turns down elderly train seat in favour of flag pole lift

by:FeaMont     2020-08-08
A Texas grandfather was labeled \"the coolest dad\" on social media as his grandson shared his impressive flagpole on the Rio train on Twitter
Wayne McEntire, 68, was on the train with his grandson Britton Barker and a commuter gave him a designated seat for an elderly passenger.
But Mr Barker\'s grandfather respectfully refused, but took a few steps along the carriage, showing his upper body strength with a flagpole lift.
Since then, Mr. McEntire\'s spontaneous display has been shared on Twitter by his grandson, and his camera is ready to photograph his journey back from the Olympics.
\"Oops, accidentally made dad Twitter famous,\" Mr. Barker wrote on Twitter after seeing the online reaction to his grandfather\'s public display.
Mr Barker told ABC that he did not expect a reply.
\"At 5: 00 in the morning, I was pleasantly surprised when I was woken up by the hum from all the notifications, and I realized that it had been transmitted by the virus,\" he said . \".
The original tweet has been forwarded more than 66,000 times and has caused many responses online.
\"My new life goal is to be like your grandfather.
How can I do this?
Asked one user.
\"Give you the coolest dad,\" said the other person . \".
Mr. Barker said his grandfather had been performing such tricks.
\"Although I don\'t know exactly what he\'s doing, I know it will definitely make a smile on my face,\" he said . \".
This is the first time Mr McEntire and his daughter and wife have visited the fifth Olympic Games after 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.
He also took part in 2000 Sydney Olympics and watched his good friend Brandon win the gold for the United States in a wrestling match.
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