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by:FeaMont     2020-08-09
You may ask yourself the question: \"Is the paint pre-treatment the same as the metal cleaning equipment?
\"The answer is loud:\" Not in your life!
\"The next generation of pre-processing and cleaning products for metal parts is completely different from anything you go through.
In this article, we will explain how the spray stick cleaning method of the CPR system is used to recycle past cleaning processes in dust!
Unique washing water recovery: metal cleaning equipment for CPR system has the advantage of closure
Environmental protection-
A friendly cleaning method means washing water and chemical cleaner/phosphate is recycled instead of having to be discharged after each wash.
Therefore, any organization is now able to save water in the process of preparing metal products before painting, eliminate EPA licensing, monitor and recycle chemical cleaning.
Recycle your chemical cleaner for reuse: the CPR system recycling equipment is recycled at a rate of 20 gallons per minute.
Remove dirt, oil and suspended solids to a size of 20 microns or less. Chemical cleaners and phosphate are left in the water and ready to be reused.
Compared to typical cleaning and dumping methods, this eliminates the cost of about 80% related to chemical overhead.
Increased paint adhesion: poor paint adhesion, do you have any questions?
Will you find peeling and paint debris on the corners of the metal parts before painting?
The CPR system eliminates many headaches associated with cleaning large metal products by using a spray stick cleaning method.
This method is fast and effective.
To clean metal products at 3,000 PSI pressure, detergent and phosphate can easily clean corners and weld black powder disease while leaving a thin layer of phosphate coating for better paint adhesion.
Completely pre-prepared surface of paint: metal usually does not like paint;
Therefore, it is necessary to be prepared before applying industrial coatings such as Sherwin Williams, PPG industrial or Valspar.
Today\'s unique paint pretreatment method ensures that the surface on the metal part is perfectly pre-treated.
Reduced labor force: how many hours does your worker currently spend preparing your metal products?
It will most likely take some time when it needs to be done.
This is another way that the cleaning method of the CPR system is superior to the typical cleaning and dumping method.
No flash rust guarantee for 14 days: any company dealing with metal parts does not want to bear the cost related to flash rust.
That\'s why today\'s device models are so thorough, such as those provided through the CPR system.
After all, there is only the best for you and your organization.
The CPR system provides a 14-day rust-free guarantee at 50% humidity.
The phosphate coating in their chemical cleaner/phosphate Phosbite 101 helps to prevent corrosion and flash rust.
Don\'t hesitate again-
Let\'s take a look at the next generation of phosphate equipment.
You will never regret taking this step.
For more information, visit CPRSystemsOnline.
Online CPR system is the leader of high pressure spray rods for metal and paint pre-coatingtreatment.
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