how to choose a the right heater for your space

by:FeaMont     2020-07-17
Choosing a space heater can be a daunting task, especially since there are so many options.
Space heaters can reduce gas and electricity bills by heating specific spaces.
Overall, safety should be a major concern for you.
To ensure safety, do your best to choose a heater with enough heating space without being too powerful.
I will give you some advice when purchasing a space heater to help streamline the process. 1. Safety.
Always read the packaging or product specifications to ensure that the heater is properly tested and meets recognized safety standards.
In addition, many heaters will be equipped with certain functions to make them as safe as possible.
The electric heater usually has a safety guard to keep the heating element away from the onlookers.
In addition, when the heater tip and proximity sensor are available, it also has functions such as automatic switch off.
Gas or kerosene heaters usually have oxygen sensors that turn off if the space is not properly ventilated. 2.
Type of heating.
There are four main types of heaters, radiant heater, forced air heater, convection heater and radiator heater.
The radiation heater and radiator are best suited for heating smaller areas such as bedrooms or work areas.
Convection and forced air heaters are better for large and medium sized rooms, but are usually noisy. 3. Power Source.
No power supply is better than the other, however, there may be an option that best suits your needs.
For indoor use, the electric heater is the best choice due to the necessary power outlets and lack of weather protection.
Propane and natural gas heaters are ideal for outdoor use due to their large volume and ability to withstand various weather conditions.
Operating gas models are usually cheaper than electric models. 4. Thermostat.
Temperature control is very important, especially in closed spaces.
If you are going to spend money on a new space heater, please find a review to make sure the thermostat is working properly.
Heaters without thermostats must be turned on and off at desired or unwanted temperatures, often considered less secure than models with thermostats, and run more than heaters with thermostats5. Area.
To determine the heating output required to properly heat a specific area, find the area of the space (
Ceiling height (square feet)
, Multiply the area by 2, 3 or 4 according to the insulation in the space (
4 Poor insulation, 2 good insulation).
The digital output you propose will be a rough estimate of the BTU you need to heat the space.
The heaters all have a BTU rating, that is, the British thermal unit rating, which refers to the amount of heat required to heat a pound of water at 1 F.
These suggestions should help you to initially look for a space heater.
Keep in mind that there are heaters for almost any use, from garage and agricultural heaters to patio and folding gazebo heaters.
If you have any other suggestions to consider when purchasing a space heater, please leave a comment below!
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