how to paint an electric heater | ehow

by:FeaMont     2020-08-08
Many people are surprised to find that they can activate the monotonous electric heater by applying a layer of paint.
However, whether you have a heater running along a substrate or a standard box heater, you need to know the techniques to use the right materials and apply them, otherwise you can cause very dangerous situations.
Turn off all power supplies at the circuit breaker.
Polish the surface of the electric heater with 80 to 120 sandpaper and effectively polish it to promote paint adhesion.
Cover the vents and heating elements with blue painter\'s tape or foil to protect them from paint.
Use 3-apply electrical epoxy paint to electric heaterto 4-Inch brush.
Let the surface dry for four hours.
Apply another coat.
Let the surface dry for four hours before restoring the power supply.
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