how to remove mildew from a patio umbrella

by:FeaMont     2020-03-02
We recently revealed the importance of cleaning patio mats, but there is another piece of furniture that also needs attention: patio umbrellas.
From the hot sun to the sudden storm, there are umbrellas in all the extreme summer weather.
Because of this, the umbrella is easy to mold, and it will smell bad.
Luckily, we got tips on how to easily remove this smelly thing.
First, open the umbrella.
Then, use a scrub brush to wipe as much mold or mold as possible.
Next, mix the white vinegar and warm water in the bucket.
Then, dip the brush into the solution and rub on the umbrella until mildew and mold disappear.
After that, rinse the umbrella with a garden hose or a clean bucket.
Finally, let the umbrella dry in the sun.
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