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by:FeaMont     2020-08-07
Wondering how to create unique and fancy nail art designs to complement your look?
Halloween design, animal design, web design, Hawaii design, etc.
, Is some design that you can create on your nails.
However, in order to create a nail art design, you don\'t need to trim your hands neatly to make sure your nails are clean, healthy and well-shaped.
Today, the store is filled with a variety of nail polish and acrylic paint suitable for nail art design.
Not only can acrylic paint help you create extraordinary designs, but it\'s cheaper than nail polish.
You can make small dots and fine patterns with toothpicks.
In addition, you will need some exquisite tip brushes to draw the design.
Flash is also widely used to make nail art look more attractive and decorative.
However, do not forget to keep a bottle of pure acetone to wipe Poland if there is any error.
You also need an acrylic top that will be applied once the nail art design is completed.
This top keeps your nails shiny for a few days.
Halloween is a holiday for skulls, bones, Jack. O-
Lanterns, fire, ghosts, vampires, skeletons and many other weird characters.
So why not design them as nail art?
To create a Halloween nail design, you should apply a black varnish to your nails as a base color.
Apply for a double coat for a better look.
On this black base you can try a variety of designs.
With white acrylic paint, you can paint skulls, bones, faces, etc. on the nail.
In fact, you can have different Halloween characters on each nail. For the Jack-O-
Lantern, you need orange, green and a little white acrylic paint.
In these nail designs, red and white acrylic coatings are used primarily as base colors.
You can paint white on the base and then with fine brushes or toothpicks, you can paint Christmas trees, Holly leaves, Christmas socks, candy sticks, etc. onto the nail.
The sparkling taste will increase the feeling of the festival.
You can also paint Santa\'s face on your nails.
For this purpose, the blue acrylic paint is used as the base coating;
It was applied twice for better completion.
After drying, paint the beard and face with skin color paint using white acrylic paint.
Apply the hat in red, apply the eyes in black, and even the outline of the whole face.
Then put a coat on.
Mistletoe parasites are also very popular and can be made on fully painted nails, or white nails can be painted only on the top (
With clear varnish)below.
You can also draw small bells and stars, dotted with flashes.
You need a shiny metal nail polish as the base color.
Paint with white acrylic paint and draw a point on the nail with a thin brush.
From this point on, draw 8 lines or spikes that extend from the point in a circular way.
At the end of the spike, draw two more spikes like one branch to the other.
So you have a snowflake.
You can also draw half a snowflake on the edge of your nails, and in order to make it look more attractive, you can also draw a snowflake in blue.
If you don\'t have metal nail polish, you can even use blue acrylic paint in the base coating.
However, you have to use white paint for snowflakes.
For the design of marine life, the basic coating requires a blue acrylic paint and a little white acrylic paint.
Apply clear varnish on the blue sea surface
Then draw small fish on nails.
With green paint, you can draw fine weeds that fish swim around.
Slightly touching the darker green and the green on the weeds will make it look natural.
The bottom can be painted with brown and white paint with some pebbles.
In addition to the design of the fish, you can even consider painting starfish and seahorses on your nails.
Whales and dolphins are also a good choice.
Tiger, zebra and Dalmatian patterns are popular in animal nail art design.
Apply yellow acrylic primer for tiger skin nail design.
Apply twice for a thicker and better finish.
Then apply orange stains on nails in different areas.
After drying, draw a rough zigzag line with a black acrylic paint.
The zigzag pattern should be very thick at the bottom and tapering at the other end.
The pattern must be alternating.
Thickness means that if a base is thick, the stripes next to it should be thinner, etc.
For zebra designs, you can do this by using white acrylic paint as the base coating and then applying black stripes.
The stripes of the zebra are not like tigers, so they should be painted thinner.
There are some stripes in one direction and some stripes in the other to make it look like zebra stripes.
To make it look more attractive, you can even add some glitter.
To create the Dalmatian design, simply apply a stain of black paint on the white base.
Ladybugs is a nail art design that is \"easy to do.
For ladydesign design, apply white nail polish on your nails.
After drying, draw a small circle (
Drum bag at one end)
On the nails, each has a different size and good-
Separated from each other.
You can also stick a big lady with a nail if you like.
Once the red paint dries, draw a black line from one end to the other with the tip of your thin brush.
In addition, very small black spots are drawn on both sides of the line.
Now draw a black head at the top of the Red Circle (
At the drum end)
Then draw two antennas.
If you have painted hands, you can also paint colorful butterflies, dragonflies and locusts on your nails.
You can create human footprints and animal Haba dog Mark designs on your nails.
For pug marking, apply Pearl
White nail polish as base coating.
After drying, the pug mark is drawn using acrylic paint of different colors.
The Pug mark is very simple, just draw a circle and three small circles on it.
The size of the smaller circle should also be decreasing.
You can even draw two or three different color pug marks on the same nail.
The smaller the pug marks, the better they look.
For the human footprint design, you can use any dark or bright nail polish.
If you use red as the base, you can leave footprints in white.
The mesh design is one of the simple and elegant nail art designs, including the mesh design on the tip of the nail.
For this design, silver varnish is applied as a base.
After drying, with the help of a thin brush, draw a thin vertical line with a black acrylic paint.
Then draw the horizontal line through the vertical line.
Since we don\'t need to check, make sure the lines cross in a slightly uneven way and let the ends extend to the edges of the design.
Outline the black net design with a silver glitter varnish and apply the usual top after drying.
Hawaii reminds us of beautiful beaches and hula dancers dressed in colorful flowers.
This theme can also be applied to nail design.
However, these designs are not very simple.
These are suitable for those who are good at painting.
If you have skilled hands, you can paint the beach, waves, surfers and hula on your nails.
For those of you who can\'t draw these complex pictures, you can still bring Hawaii to your nails by drawing wreaths on your nails.
You can even paint characters in black and then decorate them with colorful flower headwear and garlands.
The Warli design is very simple, and it takes only two acrylic coatings to bring wonderful nail designs.
You can use black, red, brown or green as the base color.
Apply for a second coat and give it a better finish.
The design part is white acrylic.
Use a thin brush to draw tiny Warli graphics on your nails.
With your creativity, you can let Warli characters do different things, such as playing musical instruments, dancing, etc.
There can be two types of puzzle design, one is the basic color, the other is the contrast color that outlines the puzzle, or there are different colors for different puzzles.
The first type is easier to do, just need to apply a base coating on the entire nail.
Once the base color is dry, you can draw the lines with the contrast color of the acrylic paint to form the puzzle design.
For the second type, you have to draw the puzzle shapes first, and once they are dry, you have to fill each puzzle with a different color.
Once all the puzzles are dry, you will have to draw the outline again, and for better completion, apply a silver flash on the outline.
Flowers are the simplest and most popular of all nail designs.
But don\'t avoid it just because it\'s common.
The concept of flowers will never disappear because of its elegance and diversity.
The types of designs you can do are endless.
You can draw a lot of small flowers or some leaves and branches decorated with few flowers.
You can apply a variety of base color coats and try a variety of floral designs as you wish.
Hearts and Cutie dominate the Valentine\'s Day celebrations, so there is no doubt that they will appear in Valentine\'s Day nail designs.
Apply white varnish to your nails and let it dry.
Once dry, apply a tiny red heart to your nails with red paint.
Add flash if you want.
This is the simplest Valentine\'s Day design.
You can also draw two hearts overlapping with arrows passing through the heart, or draw a heart-shaped outline on your nails in pink and red, some overlapping others.
You can also use red acrylic paint on the base coating and then paint Cupid in white.
The base color of white or pink can also be painted with bright red roses.
Beautiful and exquisite nail design will make your nails look perfect on the wedding day.
For this purpose, the base layer coating requires a pink varnish.
Then use white acrylic paint, then apply white florals on the bottom of your nails.
Draw a small string of white dots to make it look more attractive.
For French nails, you can design at the attachment point.
You can start from one end of the connection point to the other, and in the order of increasing the size, there is a string of points.
Outside, you can draw a beautiful flower in white and petals in pink baby.
You can try many designs.
Unleash your creativity and try whatever you want to do.
However, no matter what you design, remember to re-coat the top every two or three days.
Apply cuticle oil every day (
Moisturizing nails)
Wear gloves when handling mud.
Don\'t stop after designing your nails;
Make sure you also provide proper nail care.
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