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by:FeaMont     2020-03-03
Pop singer Rihanna may tempt you to go under her umbrella, ella, ella ,(
Pictures You Get)
But don\'t tell her, thanks because you just need to find a cool and dry place in your own backyard.
As a boring piece of furniture, patio umbrellas are sometimes overlooked.
Instead, there are a lot of combinations of mixed materials, fluidity, shapes, etc.
Cater to your specific desires.
Roses are roses, but the beach umbrella provides a custom level that is beyond what you normally think is possible.
Here, now, some basic knowledge about these suspicious ladies.
Specifications: Size: according to the available space size, table width, etc, the width of the open umbrella is between 6 and 11 feet.
Price: The average price of a courtyard umbrella is between $50 and $200.
Keep in mind that high prices do not always require higher quality.
Stroll around before taking a chance.
Color: endless!
Balcony umbrella is one of the most gorgeous accessories outdoors.
Patterns are also common, and stripes are a particularly popular option, probably because they evoke thoughts about summer and swimming pools.
Material: The fabric of the umbrella is usually made of a mixture of vinyl, nylon, or polyester that is resistant to stains, mold, tearing and fading.
They are flexible, foldable, but long
Long lasting and easy to wipe.
The heart of the matter: Lifting: There are three different types of lifting mechanism for patio umbrellas.
There is only one of them, the manual style, similar to what you found on your personal hand-held umbrella.
To put it manually simply, the user has to push up the clustered spokes of the umbrella at the bottom of the rod, usually with some sort of locking mechanism to keep the umbrella open.
Next, the pulley style is often seen in the swimming pool, beach and business environment.
With this type, the rope extending from the top is pulled down to allow the umbrella to open.
In order to keep it open, the rope must be tied off, or once the umbrella is at the desired height, a hook suitable for the rod is required.
Finally, the most modern and simple mechanism is the crank type.
The user only needs to turn a crank on the umbrella Rod, one way to turn it on and the other way to turn it off.
Please note that the first two mechanisms are found almost exclusively on wooden patio umbrellas, while the crank is unique to the metal (
Usually aluminum)umbrella poles.
Mobility: in addition to the basic up and down movements, many metals (crank style)
Patio Umbrellas can also be tilted to get a focused shade and can even be rotated.
Tilt operation either by pushing-
The button on the bar, by pulling the lever itself further away from the open position, or by adjusting the collar that is attached to the top of the crank.
Base: beach umbrella stands in many ways.
First of all, they can be independent and can be moved on a fixed or rolling basis.
Second, they can come as part of the patio table, in which case there is usually a pre-
A hole was made in the middle of such a table, and the umbrella went through the hole and was stabilized by the bottom of the floor.
Next deck-
As the name suggests, a patio umbrella mounted on the deck and patio floor.
While this type cannot be moved, they are the strongest wind-proof material and can also be larger in size.
Finally, there are also some Offset Patio umbrellas whose base is not straight but curved at a slightly blunt angle.
In this regard, they can be placed in remote places where shadow areas such as picnic tables can be seen from the sides.
They have a higher level of cantilever design that can be adjusted to make it easier to focus the shadows on specific areas.
Additional features: most patio umbrellas come with separate overlapping top fabric, as you can see on the golf umbrella, which allows the wind to pass through and prevents the umbrella from turning over or turning over.
The overlapping fabric allows rain to drip onto the lower fabric of the umbrella rather than through the opening.
Accessories: once you get the meat and bones of the beach umbrella, consider adding some extra food such as lights or mosquito nets to increase comfort and atmosphere.
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