my pool water levels keeps going down, do i have a leak?

by:FeaMont     2020-08-01
Ron Burr discusses the leakage in the pool, the possible location of the leak, and the formula for determining the amount of water lost per day.
The last thing we need as a pool owner is a leaking pool.
The pool leaks or evaporates. This is always the question we have to ask.
Before you call a professional leak location company, here are some tips to check for pool leaks.
Try the barrel test-
Close the pool, close the pump, and don\'t let it re-open until it is manually opened.
Use a plastic bucket of 3 or 5 gallons to fill the barrel up about half and mark the water level on the barrel.
Place the bucket on the top steps of the pool and mark the water level of the pool.
Evaluate the two bodies of water after 24 hours and note down the amount of dripping water in the plastic bucket and pool.
When checking the barrel and pool measurement marks, if both loose about the same amount, the loss of water is likely to be evaporated.
If the pool is much lower than the bucket, the pool may leak water.
Check and check many places where leaks may occur in the pool.
O Skimmer o light o around the return line, in the area of the equipment, the corner where the water line tiles gather together, main drain o tile line o
Check the pump, filter, chlorine dispenser, Valve and pipe. How do I know how much water is leaking from the pool?
This is a formula that is easy to test.
Loss of water x inches.
62 gallons/inches per square foot of pool surface x square feet let\'s try an example of a pool losing 1 inch of water per day.
15 Ft x 30 FT rectangular P redo test with bucket when the pool pump is working properly.
When using these two tests, they can be very helpful in determining the main structure of the swimming pool, or it may be the actual water leakage of the swimming pool in the pipe or pipe of the swimming pool.
Many times, when the pump is running, the water pressure forces the water to flow out of the pipe leak, causing the leak in the pool to be much larger.
Leaks can sometimes be difficult to find and repair, and using these suggestions can help to find and solve the situation of leaks in the pool and spa.
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