nail art designs for beginners

by:FeaMont     2020-08-07
The quickest way to dress up nails is to create beautiful nail art.
Nail art is not difficult to create and can be mastered with a little patience and practice.
Manicure is something that every girl is fascinated.
Many people think that you need a sense of art to create nail art.
But the truth is that although it takes a lot of patience to create a manicure, you don\'t need to be an artist decorating your nails.
You can create beautiful nail designs with just some creativity and the right nail accessories.
Beginners should try nail designs that are simple and do not require much skill.
Simple designs like stars, dots and movies are ideal for beginners.
Make sure your nails are free of oil or dirt before trying any nail art on your nails.
Here are some interesting and simple designs for beginners to try.
Apply a layer of glitter nail polish to your nails to make them completely dry.
Once Poland is dry, apply red nail polish diagonally on each nail.
When it dries, use the nailing machine to make the shape on the concealer tape.
Apply this masking tape carefully on your nails.
Make sure the masking tape is securely attached to the flash part of the nail.
Use masking tape as a template and apply a layer of red paint to your nails.
Before the paint dries, slowly remove the masking tape from the nail and finally apply a coat of top to the nail.
Repeat the process until all nails are completed.
Apply two layers of clear nail polish on all your nails and let them dry.
After drying, apply neon green nail polish on the upper half of the nail, in a triangular pattern.
Next, make a free hand flower design with red nail polish.
The floral pattern does not have to be perfect.
Once the flower pattern is dry, outline the interior part of the red flower using a black nail pen.
Put the last coat on the nail and let it dry.
Apply two pieces of clear nail polish to your nails and let them dry.
Once Poland is dry, cut the masking tape along the outline of the nail.
Place the masking tape on the nail so that only the tip of the nail can be seen.
Now apply the orange nail polish and remove the masking tape from the nail before it is completely dry.
Repeat this procedure on all nails.
Finally, apply another layer of clear nail polish to dry your nails.
Apply a layer of sky blue nail polish on the whole nail to make it dry.
Once dry, carefully draw some tree branch patterns with a black nail art pen.
Use a white nail art pen to draw a few white dots on your nails.
Finally put a coat on the nail.
To create this nail art, you need to keep your hands as stable as possible while drawing stripes.
Apply a layer of clear nail polish to your nails.
Next, apply white nail polish only at the tip of the nail.
Draw two pieces of nail art in different colors-
There are three vertical lines on the nail.
You need a very stable hand to do this otherwise Poland will get dirty.
Repeat the steps on other nails.
Apply another layer of transparent nail polish.
Once you have mastered these simple nail designs, you can try complex and gorgeous designs.
You can create some unique nail designs using different nail polish colors and materials such as masking tape, nail finishing tools, toothpicks and rhinestones.
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