nail designs for short nails

by:FeaMont     2020-08-07
The nail design on the fingernail can be difficult to adapt to, but short nails can also look beautiful if you choose the right pattern.
There are many designs that can be used with nail polish in different shades.
Women with short nails will agree that it is difficult to make them look attractive compared to long nails.
Nail design may be a solution for all such women.
You may find it a bit difficult to decorate them initially, but it becomes much easier with a little practice.
You can also come up with some of your own creative models.
You have to choose the right design to properly separate from your nails.
It should be simple and you should try not to add a lot of decorations or it might look cluttered.
Various nail designs can be completed using various shades of nail polish, glitter nail polish, rhinestones, acrylic paint and nail art stickers.
You can wear these on specific occasions, even for everyday wear purposes.
Before you start any nail-related activities, you have to trim, clean, archive and buff your nails in order to get it done smoothly.
After you\'re done, you can focus on nail design.
Here are some simple patterns.
Night sky material must coat-
Black Nail Polish art Moon and StarsStickersClear top two coats of CoatSilver rhinestonestone method with a black base coat waiting for it to dry well.
If you are in a hurry, dry the nail polish with a hair dryer and make sure it does a good job.
Remove nail art moon and star stickers using tweezers and place them in the pattern on your nails.
Press the stickers and let them stick firmly to your nails.
Once you \'ve finished the sticker, apply a top and place the rhinestones at the top of your nails while the top is still wet.
Let it dry for a while, then apply the last top to secure the rhinestones firmly.
Snow materials needed
Light blue glossy nail polish-acrylic paint
WhiteLiner BrushSilver rhinonestop coatmethod apply two layers of light blue glossy nail polish on all your nails and let it dry.
After thoroughly drying using a lining brush and white acrylic paint, draw three crosses
One in the top left corner, one in the center in the top right corner, and one in the bottom left corner.
Then draw the diagonal intersection line through the center of the cross.
After the acrylic paint is dry, apply a top coat and place a rhinestones at the center of the Cross and on the diagonal of the intersection.
Coat the last coat on the top and let it dry.
Top coat nail polish-gold tip material
Gold acrylic paint
Black nail polish only apply two layers of golden nail polish on the tip of your nail and let it dry well.
After drying, use a liner brush and black acrylic paint, starting from the top right corner, draw two thin and deep curly lines at half the center of the nail.
Once dry, apply a two-layer top to make it dry well.
3 Tone flash layered design materials
Use a French manicure set and do the usual French manicure for all your nails the day before, so the nails work well.
The next day, use the nail tip guide provided in the French nail art kit to divide the area below the nail tip into half.
On the upper half, apply two pieces of bronze glitter nail polish, two pieces of pink glitter nail polish on the lower half and let it dry.
After drying, apply a coat and put a drill (pink or silver)
DingTalk the center of the tip.
Apply the coat on the top to fix the rhinestones and make it dry.
Polka dot material for nail polish
Glossy WhiteRhinestones-
Three to four colors of nail polish apply two layers of smooth white nail polish to make it dry.
Then, coat the top and randomly place the different colored rhinestones on the nails.
It doesn\'t look cluttered with just four or five rhinestones.
You can also use different sizes of rhinestones.
Apply another top to fix the rhinestones and make it dry well.
Ladies and gentlemen who need nail polish-
Small rhinestones in red and black
BlackTop coatmethod apply two layers of red nail polish on the whole nail, once it dries well, apply only black nail polish on the tip of the nail.
Let it dry, once dry, apply a top and place the little black rhinestones firmly on your nails, close to each other.
Apply the last layer of the top and let it dry.
While trying these designs, you can also use different shades than those mentioned above.
Before you apply another nail polish, make sure that the nail polish you apply is dry well. Enjoy!
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