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by:FeaMont     2020-02-29
When replacing or replacing mechanical parts on the beach umbrella, it is important to comply with the manufacturer\'s instructions for the best results.
Replacement parts can be ordered directly without shipping the complete equipment to the warehouse.
Below are the steps and instructions for replacing the two pulley lifting systems on the Galtech beach umbrella.
Step 1: remove the old rope first.
White plastic cover on the bottom of the hub.
You need to remove the white plastic cap. (
Pay special attention to how the rope was removed.
This will help when you reinstall the rope. )
Place the white plastic cap on one side of the work area.
Step 2: After removing the cap, pull out the rope and unwrap the knot at both ends.
If you can\'t grab the rope with your fingers, you can use tweezers or needle-nose pliers.
Step 3: pull the rope out of the hub.
The knot must be untied before you pass the rope through the hub.
Step 4: pull the rope through the pulley and put the rope on one side.
To remove the pulley system, one side of the pulley bolt must be kept stationary (with a wrench)
When turning the pulley on the other side of the bolt (with a wrench)
Until it is loose and can be removed.
After removing the pulley system, insert the new pulley system and tighten the bolt until it is safe.
To install one side of the pulley bolt, it must be kept still when the other side of the pulley bolt is tightened.
Please note that turning the bolt clockwise will tighten the bolt.
Turning the bolt counter-clockwise will loosen the bolt.
Step 5: Reinstall the pulley rope after the new pulley system is safe.
The end of the rope is inserted through the pulley.
Bring the end of the rope back to the hub.
You must then pass the rope through the hub rope hole (
The opposite way when you delete them).
If you can\'t do this easily with your fingers, we recommend that you use wires, ropes, or metal hangers (
Straighten out)
Pull the rope through.
You can tie your tool to the end of the rope and pull it over.
Tie each end of the rope into a knot.
Gently pull the rope at the top of the hub until it is knot inside the hub rope hole and the end of the rope is no longer exposed.
Do so at both ends.
Then replace the white plastic cap.
Patio Umbrellas are versatile and easy to replace and replace components with proper information.
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