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by:FeaMont     2020-07-31
You may dream of an outdoor wedding because you have a child.
Although getting married to nature seems to be a big experience.
In the past, weddings used to mean outdoor garden weddings.
Today, there was a wedding on the beach, the summit wedding, the backyard wedding, the wedding Park, the zoo. . .
There are many choices.
The outdoor wedding decoration depends largely on the location.
One of the benefits of outdoor weddings is that special equipment is not required for weddings and reception locations.
Outdoor weddings are more casual, and guests are more casual.
You can also save money because it doesn\'t need to pay a separate location for this.
Given the outdoor wedding decor, you will need to find the room one year in advance, which may be done at the same time as the planned wedding.
You can even light up, wind and weather according to the general situation of the place, so that you can be prepared for the correct location of the wedding arch and altar.
You can see the orientation of the guest chair so they don\'t overlook the sun you see when you bend at the wedding dusk.
If you are planning a garden wedding, you can enjoy the scenery, such as trees, plants and flowers in the garden, in addition to the outdoor decoration of the wedding.
However, you can increase the charm and magic of this occasion by hanging lights in trees, pavilions and pavilions.
You can also use Tulle bow on the back of the chair.
Select the color that matches the wedding theme.
Will you arrange an aisle runner for the bride?
You can choose a natural color like sage to welcome the grass.
Set up aisles with trim frames or other work settlement.
You can also choose to fill the hall with a votive candle that complements the color.
It\'s fun to have a wedding on the beach.
The bride and groom can wear formal attire.
The guest\'s dress is in full compliance with the couple\'s wishes.
You can ask their guests to arrive in formal or less formal attire.
Guests should comply regardless of dress code.
The best time to have a wedding on the beach at sunset.
The couple can ask someone to build a bamboo arbor and cover it with palm leaves and tropical flowers. Old-
It can be illuminated with old-fashioned lanterns and torches.
If the reception will take place in a covered area and there are plants such as palm trees and paradise birds in all corners of the room, this is an option.
The tropical flower center would be great if it was hosted on the beach.
Looking at a 1/4 medium tank full of colored sand and water, most like flowers --
Shape floating candles can be added.
Outdoor wedding decoration should be simple, and activities that do not match the weather can be simply deleted.
You should also make sure you have an option if it rains.
Provide alternative arrangements in case of bad weather.
You should rent a folding gazebo or move to the interior of the garden or beach to find the body.
If your wedding is held in the morning, some \"details\" such as preparing hot coffee or cocoa for guests arriving.
If the wedding is late in the morning, prepare a cold drink table for the thirsty guests.
If the wedding is held later in the afternoon, cocktails and snacks are ideal for guests when they arrive at the wedding scene.
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