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by:FeaMont     2020-07-19
The two most common martial arts in North America are karate and taekwondo.
Many people want to know how different these two martial arts are.
This is especially true for those who have just started looking around for martial arts studios.
After all, most of the practitioners of karate and taekwondo seem to be wearing the same type of white gi uniform with a diverse belt color.
Modern Traditional Karate was developed in Okinawa, Japan, after being influenced by Chinese martial arts.
Karate actually has different styles, but they are all considered Japanese martial arts today.
The color belt system is designed to present various grades to karate practitioners, White depicting novice and black belts (
Various degrees)
Representing the instructor level and above.
There is a series of different colors between these two colors.
Modern Taekwondo was developed after Japan occupied South Korea and was influenced by Japanese karate.
In fact, taekwondo is sometimes called Korean Karate.
Koreans have adopted a similar white uniform and color belt ranking system for taekwondo.
Today, there are two main styles of taekwondo, one under the International Taekwondo Federation and the other under the World Taekwondo Federation.
Many taekwondo schools have added black lining to their white school uniform for use with black belts. A V-
The top of the neck is often seen in the World Taekwondo Federation\'s affiliated schools.
There are also some of the older Korean styles, including Tang xiuduo and moo duk kwan.
Some of the more American karate and taekwondo schools use uniforms of other colors, such as red, black and blue, in addition to traditional white.
To sum up, in karate, people use their arms or hands to strike or block in 60% of the time, compared with about 40% of the time they use their legs to kick.
This failure occurs in many forms of karate or katas, which are fixed routines that simulate the use of martial arts techniques against imaginary opponents.
The table for taekwondo will have the opposite percentage breakdown with 40% hands and 60% legs.
In taekwondo, more attention is paid to higher head level kicks than karate.
Taekwondo practitioners also use more jumping or flying kicks in the air when performing kick technology.
The form or pattern of taekwondo is usually a little shorter and less complicated than the form of karate.
As we all know, some taekwondo schools also use strange karate forms in the curriculum.
In North America and the rest of the world, karate and taekwondo have separate traditional competitions.
However, open martial arts competitions in North America often have karate and taekwondo competitors competing together.
Some of the larger open martial arts competitions will set up separate formal divisions for Japanese karate and Korean taekwondo players, but the fighting or boxing divisions will usually be merged together.
Many black bands in taekwondo eventually learn karate, and the opposite is true.
After the introduction of taekwondo as an Olympic movement, it has received more publicity in recent years.
The style and rules of the Olympic version of taekwondo competition come from the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF).
Karate and taekwondo are considered hard martial arts in North America today (
Rather than a soft style like many versions of Chinese Kung Fu).
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