something important to remember before going on that detox plan

by:FeaMont     2020-07-30
Before you decide on a detox plan, you need to know why you want a detox plan.
A lot of people claim that sticking to the detox program can prevent and treat diseases, give you more energy and make you more alert.
However, no matter which detox plan you choose or why, there are some very important things to remember.
First check your motivation to take a detox plan.
If it is to recover from the effects of drug or alcohol addiction, then in any case, please consult the legal medical resources of your community, such as local hospitals or clinics.
You don\'t want to detox yourself from these environments.
This is not the case. On the contrary, you may want to relieve pain, such as a headache.
Or you may suspect that some of the foods you eat that contain mercury can cause you to get tired.
Or maybe you just want to lose weight and learn a healthier diet.
A quick search on the Internet will soon find several varieties of detox programs: detox diet, Colon cleaning (enemas)
Detox Bath including Contrast shower, massage and skin care.
All focus is on the toxins that help your lymphatic system, liver, kidney, digestive system and/or skin clean your body.
It is important to remember that no matter what detox plan you decide, it will involve the use of water.
Water is a key component of a liquid detox diet, water fasting, sauna, enema and detox bath.
It is highly recommended to even drink water after massage.
It makes sense that water is the final ingredient of any detox program.
The purer the better.
So, because water plays such an important role in your cleaning project, you need to pay attention to the quality of it.
You have two basic water options in your detox plan: tap water or bottled water.
As you should know, most water treatment plants add bleach to disinfect.
To filter out visible particles, they use a sand bed.
But synthetic organic chemicals remain.
In addition, tap water contains many contaminants such as pesticides, herbicides, cleaning products, chemicals used on lawns, medicines and gasoline.
If you choose running water, I highly recommend you to use a high performance water filter.
How much cleaner is bottled water than tap water?
Most bottled water is sold in producing states.
Therefore, government agencies rarely guarantee that tap water is cleaner than bottled water.
In fact, a report says up to 70% of all bottled water is not subject to FDA bottled water standards.
Where these standards are applied, there are still weaknesses.
For example, the FDA allows bottled water to contain a certain number of coliform bacteria while completely limiting any electrons
E. Coli or fecal coliform bacteria in tap water.
Did you know that the FDA is also exempt from bottled water standards and that certain chemicals can be filtered from plastics, including plastic bottles?
If I were you, I would plan to run bottled water with a high quality filter.
So far, you should better understand the importance of using as high quality water as possible in any detox plan you choose.
Unfiltered taps and bottled water may introduce toxins that you want to eliminate.
Before you run out and buy a home water purifier, be sure to consider how a can benefit your family.
Discover more free tips on water filtration systems by visiting.
Bob Goodhand is an advocate for the protection and promotion of family and individual water purification systems for a healthy life.
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