specialty patio umbrella information

by:FeaMont     2020-03-05
What is a special umbrella?
This type of shadow product refers to units designed to meet specific needs, which is not possible, and ordinary vanilla products can be bought for export every day in local retail.
These special designs meet a variety of needs, from being able to pull the shading cloth against the wall, providing the same benefits as the awning without the hassle of permanent installation, frame with audio power port, heater installed on ribs with direct built-in lighting, for areas that do not have enough space or are not suitable for use of upright pillars or poles, wall mounted umbrellas.
Half BrellaTo understands half brella and one should imagine a standard parasol cut in half.
Its design is basically cut in half with the usual 300 degree coverage, leaving only half to provide a shadow.
The base is treated the same and allows the complete structure to be placed flush on the wall.
This enables the product to provide shade in the same way as the awning placed on the windows of the house, or to provide shade for those living in an apartment with limited space and only one directional shade is required.
Under canopy lighting, the ribs of the frame are integrated in the form of LED lights, which are available on a specific model or design.
When this feature was first introduced, the usual light bulb was a Christmas string.
As technology advances, manufacturers have turned to LED lights that are cleaner, more durable, and more aesthetically pleasing.
Some manufacturers also include the option to install bowl-shaped lamps that usually have 12v car bulbs in the center.
The equipment with lighting is powered by a transformer of 100 V to 12 V that plugs into the back of the equipment.
In most cases, lighting is designed to be illuminated at a level that does not create glare or disperse natural light at night.
Last but not least, options are also available on some models that provide built-in radio players and the ability to connect mp3 audio players.
Heat up most of the umbrellas installed or provided as accessories, using a 100 20 V halogen lamp heater.
The preferred heater for the same use is the infrared heater, which is designed and UL certified and can be used for low profile setting under the canopy.
They provide a very superior thermal output.
Wall hanging patio parasol is not only beautiful, but also widely used.
The model provided in this range is capable of closing the canopy and holding the arm back against the wall without having to remove the frame from the wall hanging arm.
The arms have different lengths and teeth so you can easily place them in different positions depending on your seat needs at the time.
They also provide the ability to rotate the umbrella on your own shaft, allowing you to block the sun or breeze from a specific direction.
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