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by:FeaMont     2020-02-28
Spring is here and it\'s time to hang out in the backyard, on the beach with your friends and family, or lazy fishing at a secret location by the river.
You will want to take out your outdoor beach umbrella and check if the frame and canopy are available.
Even if they are, it\'s good to see the new colors and designs that are coming out this season.
Have you been delaying the purchase of a stylish new sidebar or offset umbrella, and now is the time to place your order.
Due to the wide selection of colors for frames and fabrics, you want to avoid delays in production and ordering before you rush.
In addition to the beauty of outdoor platform umbrellas, the main purpose of their use is to block ultraviolet rays, which can lead to degradation of outdoor furniture (including umbrella tents) and are also health risks for people exposed to the sun for a long time.
Therefore, it is strongly recommended to use cool structures such as umbrellas.
In order to maintain the finish and quality of the product, it is recommended to store the umbrella in a dry shaded area when not in use.
It is best to turn it off when not attending to prevent wind-related damage.
An automatic tilt umbrella is a great option for the disabled, although the user still needs to turn the crank to lift, lower or tilt the umbrella.
Many new swimming pools have shallow wading areas for children to play.
The pool manufacturer makes holes in the pool floor for the user to insert the umbrella.
For facilities like this, it is recommended to use outdoor patio umbrellas made of fiberglass as they are not affected by chlorine and other chemicals used in the swimming pool.
In the US, Sunbrella fabric is used for most of the better quality outdoor parasols.
This fabric is washable.
It is recommended to follow the manufacturer\'s cleaning instructions as follows: if possible, you should soak the fabric in a solution of 1/4 cups of mild soap per gallon of warm water.
If you can\'t remove the canopy to soak it, on-site cleaning can be done with the same soap solution.
Brush the affected area gently with a sponge or soft brush.
Rinse the canopy thoroughly and remove all soap residue.
Keep the umbrella in the open position until the fabric is completely dry.
It is important to be sure to use a heavy enough base to prevent the outdoor umbrella from falling in the wind.
The base should also hold the post tight enough to prevent the wind from pulling it out of the base.
The wind is not a friend of your beach umbrella, it will easily damage the crank and tilt mechanism, as well as the curved pillars and ribs.
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