sun protection at the beach: umbrellas and tents that work

by:FeaMont     2020-03-01
If you are sunbathing on the beach or outside all day, sunscreen is often not protective enough.
Even waterproof sunscreen will eventually be washed off.
The best protection is the shade, which is a rare item on the beach (
Not as rare as modesty though).
You can create your own shadow with an umbrella or tent.
This article describes the types available and the types that suit you according to your group size and other requirements.
Credit: The easiest and cheapest choice for umbrellas (
Except for a hat)
It\'s a beach umbrella.
However, keep in mind that the beach is often a breeze.
If the umbrella is not strong and it is not firmly fixed to the ground, the first strong wind will allow your umbrella to rotate along the beach.
Another problem with umbrellas is that they are relatively small.
You may have a core family under a big umbrella, but if you have a large group, the only nucleus will be the radiant skin of those unfortunate people who cannot squeeze into the shadow.
The best beach umbrella I have ever seen is a sports umbrella.
It has a smart side accessory that allows you to turn your umbrella into a tent with side protection. Credit: www. amazon. com Sport-
The little beach tent took a step from the beach umbrella.
They usually provide more coverage, especially on the side, and they can protect you from the blowing of sand.
But tents are more difficult to build, so if the idea of putting things together will raise your blood pressure, use an umbrella.
Also make sure the tent allows air to flow through.
Otherwise, it gets hot and the wind is more likely to knock it over. Credit: www. amazon.
Large tents for Coleman small sunshades are the most expensive, of course, the most practical sun protection facilities are large open-air tents
There is a side tent that is big enough for you to stand.
OK very strong, they won\'t be blown away if you set them up correctly, unless you go to the beach during a tropical storm (
Only surfers are crazy enough).
Some tents are big enough to put a few chairs and a cooler.
Cool shade helps keep your food and drinks cool for a longer period of time.
Finally, a large tent provides some rain-proof protection, which is unlikely to be provided by umbrellas or small tents. Credit: www. amazon.
The problem with the big tent is that you usually need a few people to put it together.
At least one of them needs to know what they are doing.
If you need a big tent, you may be with a large group of people, so it should not be difficult for you to find someone to help.
Big tents are also much more expensive.
They can spend $175.
$500, depending on size.
I suggest making friends with people who already have friends.
You can also use tents with walls, but some beaches are not allowed to use fully enclosed tents.
In addition, they become sultry unless air is allowed to circulate. Sport-
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