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by:FeaMont     2020-07-15
Spring is coming and the party tent rental season is coming soon.
Although the leasing company is preparing for this season, the tent rental r begins to plan their activities.
When renting a tent for an event, there are many factors when choosing a tent style for various events (such as graduation weddings and picnics.
Among the many styles of tents, I will provide you with information about the four most popular tents.
We will start with the most common and oldest pole-style tents in the tent rental industry.
Pole tent needs to set up a set of poles below the top of vinyl to support the structure.
The top of the pole tent is tightened on the pole and is attached to the anchor device of the tightening point around the top of the pole tent.
The pole tent is usually anchored on the surface using a wooden pile.
On smaller tents, tents can also be fixed with heavy objects.
Many leasing companies offer two anchoring systems for the top of our pole tent: traditional ropes and our ratchet buckle system.
The second event tent I will discuss is related to the pole tent, but is more elegant in design.
This tent is usually called the top tent.
The summit tent is similar to the traditional pole-style tent, except for the higher Center-bar tent used to create the peak.
The peak tent has a high slope with stylish peaks, smooth curves and modern silhouettes that will add elegance to any venue. We will continue to build frame tents now.
The frame of the traditional frame tent is connected by an aluminum tube or steel pipe with a connecting accessory on the top of the supporting fabric.
The rigid frame allows the folding gazebo to be independent.
* However, the frame tent needs some sort of anchoring system such as a rope, a ratchet or a cable to secure it in place.
Frame tents are popular for activities that require smaller tents.
The frame tent does not require a center pole or a center bracket to provide the best possible space.
The next frame tent I\'m going to discuss is the gable frame tent.
The gable end frame tent is assembled from aluminum pipes or steel pipes and is connected with accessories to support the top of the fabric.
The gable end frame tent is different from the standard frame tent in the appearance of both ends of the tent.
The gable end-frame tent has a double sloping roof that forms a triangular part (gable)
At each end of the sloping roof.
The rigid frame allows the tent to be independent.
A gable frame tent needs some sort of anchoring system, such as a rope, a ratchet or a cable, to secure it in place.
The gable frame tent is popular in activities that require access to another tent, or if the entire length of the tent requires a peak height.
The gable tent can be docked with the existing structure with minimal water penetration.
The gable frame tent does not require a center pole, providing the best available space.
All accessories and poles can be exchanged (
Not including horns.
Classic frame tent system.
For the visual performance of these tents, I found this site very useful.
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