tent types - how to select the right party tent for the right occasion

by:FeaMont     2020-07-26
Whether you are thinking of buying party tents or renting tents for upcoming events, you need to be familiar with the different types of tents on the market, this way you can choose the tent that best suits your specific needs and budget.
Please keep in mind that this article does not include camping or hiking tents, but is dedicated to the classification of party tents, that is, temporary structures used in the event industry to plan outdoor weddings, private events and corporate events.
There are basically two categories of party tents: 1)
A traditional rope pole tent; and 2)frame tents.
The difference between the two is the installation process and the structural frame used to keep the tent upright.
Ropes and poles tents rely on one or more central poles and a set of peripheral poles covered by tents-top.
The pole is not driven to the ground, but is only maintained by stretching the vinyl top on the pole and tightening the fabric by fixing the top on the ground with a ratchet, rope and stake
As the poles provide additional support, traditional ropes and pole tents usually cover a much larger surface than standard frame tents.
There are two basic models of rope and pole tents: 1)
of standard pole type; and 2)high peak.
The standard bar tent is more concise in appearance.
They are generally lower priced and therefore ideal for economic weddings, church parties, commercial uses, fairs, festivals, car sales, school graduation and similar types of events.
The tent is more elegant in appearance, elegant in peaks and delicate in lines.
Their classic look makes them especially suitable for high
End wedding and company events.
Whether it is a peak tent or a standard pole tent, it is not suitable for use on the deck or on the terrace.
They must be installed on grass, asphalt or other suitable surfaces where wooden stakes or anchors can be driven into the ground.
Unlike rope and Rod tents, frame tents are installed using interlocking rods, which are connected together to form a rigid independent metal structure that supports the tenttop.
Once the top and side walls are attached to the metal frame, they create an elegant enclosed area, uninterrupted, away from the center bar.
The frame tent may need to be fixed on the periphery, but it can also be simply fixed with heavy objects and ballasts.
As a result, they are more versatile than pole-type tents and can be installed on almost any terrain type, including deck and terrace.
Frame tent can be further dividedClassification: 1)
Standard Framework for tents; and 2)
in Clearspan style.
The difference between the two types is the way the fabric is mounted on the structure.
With a standard frame tent, the fabric is simply placed on the top of the metal frame, while the clearspan style tent, the fabric is fed into specially designed grooves built into the metal frame, helps to secure the fabric firmly in place.
This brings a semi-open look to the clearspan folding gazebo.
Permanent structures with a tighter, more modern look are ideal for high-end outdoor activities and high-end enterprise functions.
Of course, since the installation and removal of clearspan tents requires the use of heavy machinery and professional equipment, they tend to be at a higher level in terms of price.
So if you have a modest budget and need to install a tent in a place that doesn\'t choose a bet, the standard frame tent I am a cost-
An effective alternative.
Of course, the best way to identify the various types of tents on the market is to simply view the actual pictures of each type of tent by visiting the websites of well-known tent manufacturers.
Each tent type has unique physical features, and once you see peak or transparent tents, you are unlikely to confuse them with standard tents.
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