the future of patio umbrellas

by:FeaMont     2020-02-23
What is a beach umbrella?
This is a simple device with a central rod and a ribbed canvas canopy that, once turned on, provides protection against the sun and rain.
But today\'s patio umbrella model has gone far beyond the basic form and functionality of the original design, covering some modern creature comforts that make patio umbrellas a more valuable fixture in your own backyard
Automatic tile umbrellas: The first batch of umbrellas to break through the patio in some form has been around for thousands of years, but the automatic tilt function does not appear until modern courtyard furniture becomes the main product of the home.
In the past, the umbrella had to be opened manually using a rope wheel and fixed with a hook.
However, the modern beach umbrella is easier to operate on the back, whether it is a simple collar tilt or a crank mechanism.
Again, there were only two positions for yesterday\'s umbrella: open and close.
However, the modern automatic reclining umbrella is 360 degree adjustable, so you can enjoy the shade anytime, anywhere.
Once the umbrella is in the open position, just keep the crank (
Or use the collar to tilt in some cases)
The umbrella will begin to tilt to the side.
European style has long been a source of global inspiration, and wall-mounted patio umbrellas are no different.
In the past, the beach umbrella had two basic stands: The table base and the separate base.
With the table base, you actually have to buy a table with a hole in the middle so that the umbrella can be placed on the base below.
Essentially, you have less space on your desktop and have a big pole in the middle of everything.
The independent base is nothing good.
The heavy cement board is heavy so the umbrella doesn\'t fall down but it\'s hard to move and get in the way of people moving around.
Today\'s mounts keep your umbrellas close enough, but far enough that they won\'t get in the way.
As mentioned earlier, the wall-mounted patio umbrella originated in Europe and has now added luster to the bistro and Villa throughout the mainland.
In recent years, it seems that this trend has finally become popular here.
These innovations are easily mounted to the wall with an adjustable aluminum arm and come with rails so you can adjust the height of the umbrella as well.
They are easier to store than ordinary umbrellas;
Once you run out of them, simply zip the canopy part of the umbrella to the frame itself and put the whole unit back on the wall.
Solar Umbrella with light courtyard: future?
Patio Umbrellas are perfect for keeping you in the shade, but why not put their sun in?
Nice canopy?
A solar lighting patio umbrella with a top solar panel that absorbs sunlight during the day and charges
Mh battery running LED light below.
The efficiency of these umbrellas is from about 50-
85% depending on the brand, but overall they should provide you with lighting for more than one night.
After dark, the built-in LED light along the umbrella rib can be turned on with a simple on/off switch.
The resulting light is warm and inviting, and is the perfect choice for outdoor summer dinners.
The best thing is that it doesn\'t use wires or sockets, so you don\'t have to worry about the wire tripping or running the extension cord from the inside.
They reduce your electricity bill by using natural energy.
Green is a bright new road.
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