titanium ring stops a bullet

by:FeaMont     2020-08-03
Titanium rings are increasingly popular for their low sensitivity, light weight, glossy appearance, affordable price and durability, but blocking bullets is a new option. . .
Titanium rings are becoming more and more popular for their low sensitivity, light weight, glossy appearance, affordable price and durability, but blocking bullets is a new option.
I just saw a press release about a titanium ring blocking a bullet and saving a man\'s finger from a possible amputation.
At first I thought it could not be true, but then I read the press release, visited the website where the ring was purchased, and listened to a podcast interview about the person\'s story in his own words.
This is a very remarkable story, worth listening to with your own ears.
But, given the strength of titanium, it\'s really not a surprising thing.
In contemporary jewelry, the titanium ring is indeed the most striking.
They are very durable but very light in weight.
You can find the design and style of hundreds of titanium rings in titanium color or popular black titanium.
In addition, titanium has always been considered an almost unbreakable metal.
The story of the man\'s titanium ring blocking the bullet is worth mentioning.
During the repair of his 40-caliber pistol, the gun fired a mistake, released a bullet from the chamber and caused the bullet to wipe his hand.
He\'s wearing a titanium ring he bought from titanium. Jewelry.
At the time of the accident.
The bullet first hit his titanium ring and deflected the titanium ring to prevent his ring finger from being injured.
In the process, the bullet scratched his little finger, and he did have to cut off his little finger, but the titanium ring was the first to bear the brunt of the shooting, saving his ring finger from cutting
Many men choose titanium, or even tungsten rings, because they have to wear extremely, heavy lifting and other hard or destructive activities that make gold, or even platinum gold rings meaningless.
The person in the podcast said he chose a titanium ring because he was dealing with heavy metals all day and needed something that could endure this abuse.
Many young couples ask about titanium wedding rings, black titanium rings, traditional titanium rings for men and women, and men\'s wedding rings made of titanium or tungsten.
For a long time, I \'ve been a fan of titanium and tungsten rings and even replaced my husband\'s band with our new tungsten ring for our 5th anniversary daily.
The tungsten ring is relatively new in the jewelry field, but it gains as many followers as the titanium ring.
Due to the unique and interesting look and amazing durability and low cost, Tungsten Rings and tungsten jewelry represent the fastest growing trend in the jewelry industry.
The hard alloy ring provides shine for men\'s wedding rings, and can remain shiny forever without continuous polishing or maintenance.
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