top 5 luxury wedding venues in new york city

by:FeaMont     2020-08-10
Life changes when a couple decides to get married;
Planning a wedding is one of the most interesting, stressful and complicated things a couple will experience.
From the beginning, couples have to decide where they want to get married, what kind of wedding they want to have, how many guests they want to invite, and what budget they have to use.
Many couples can do this easily, while others have more difficulties.
Fortunately, for all the engaged couples who want to get married in New York City, there are five luxurious, wonderful wedding venues that not only provide the perfect wedding location, but, professional help, helps to make the planning process simple and enjoyable.
Without spectacular views of the Central Park, the wedding of the Galleria luxory Square in New York City is not complete.
Plaza Hotel is one of the most legendary luxury places in New York City;
It was so wonderful that many celebrities got married in this gorgeous and luxurious place.
Some of the famous couples who have weddings at the Plaza Hotel include Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones.
The hotel offers a location for a couple\'s ceremony and reception, with dinner, drinks and a $375 wedding cake per person.
In addition, the opportunity to hold a ceremony in the legendary terrace room will add an additional $12,000.
The couple will also get a complementary night in their honeymoon suite and suite to prepare for the wedding.
The rooms of the Grand Ballroom and terrace are decorated with complex artworks, pillars and deep colors, reflecting the luxury and sophistication of the Plaza Hotel.
New York Central Park South Fifth Avenue Plaza Hotel hosts 10019 CPS Events in 866 square. 770.
82. 29 who wants to have a high on the Four Seasons Park Avenue-
End the wedding and reception at no cost, but offer an intimate, romantic attraction that will love the luxurious stay at Four Seasons Park Avenue.
Reality TV star betney Frankel married her husband Jason Hopi in the pool room at Four Seasons restaurant on her hit Bravo TV show.
Four Seasons Park Avenue is more private than a large location, and it is the luxury and charming place the bride and groom want on the big day.
Four Seasons Park Avenue has two wedding packages in the pool room and a sparkling pool in the center of the gorgeous room.
The first one is the 80 black tie wedding package.
$120 per person for 275 guests and 22% tax;
The second is the package for less than 80 guests, $235 per person.
Four Seasons hotel 57 Park Avenue
57 Street near Park Avenue
New York, 10019 212. 350.
Mandarin Oriental, 6501 times Warner Center is Mandarin Oriental, a luxurious wedding venue with floor-to-ceiling windows and uninterrupted views of Central Park and New York City skyline from the 36th floor.
With $350 per person and a tax of 22%, the couple will hold ceremonies and receptions, a three-course dinner, champagne and bridal suite to prepare the couple, spend their first night as a couple.
New York 60 Street Columbus Circle Mandarin Oriental 80, New York 10019 212. 805.
The wedding of 8815Cipriani 42nd StreetImagine in the room makes guests feel like they are back in CLASSIC Italy during the Renaissance.
The huge pillars, high ceilings and intricate details look like it took years to create in the room on the 42th Street of Cipriani.
This luxurious wedding venue is not suitable for those who want to be small and intimate;
This is for those who want to go beyond the top luxury and the wonderful feeling, not just any couple can do it.
The couple will have a wedding and reception for $300 per person, 23% tax per person.
An additional $10,000 for decoration is paid, excluding cake or bridal suite.
However, there is no cost of cake cutting in this luxury venue.
110 Street in Cipriani.
42 Street between Lexington and the park.
New York, NY 10019 646723.
The 0826 American Museum of Natural History\'s rose Planetarium provides the perfect backdrop for a luxurious wedding.
If weather permits, cocktails are served on Arthur Rose\'s terrace, with stunning views of Manhattan.
The clean lines and modern feel of the museum provide an intimate feeling for any wedding, even if the guest list includes hundreds of people.
The cost of the location includes a membership fee of $3,500, an entrance fee of $11,000, a terrace fee of $1,000, a dinner fee of $235 and an open bar fee of $52. Excluding tax.
S. Museum of Natural History West Central Park is located on 79 Street, New York, 10019 212. 769.
The 5350 luxury wedding venues in New York City are very luxurious and wonderful, and everyone wants them to get married at such a luxurious and first-class wedding.
With so much to choose from, with the help of the indoor event planner, each of these luxury venues has spent a lot of money, but they also allow couples to relax, leave the hard work to professionals, so all they have to do is show up and enjoy their wedding.
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