understanding the patio umbrella

by:FeaMont     2020-02-24
Learn about the different components of an outdoor umbrella and how to operate it.
Outdoor balcony umbrella, also known as market umbrella or garden umbrella, has a long history.
In every civilization, there is a need for outdoor shading;
From the early days to the backyard terrace of today\'s people.
The word \"umbrella\" comes from the Latin word \"Umbra\", meaning \"shadow \".
Today\'s shade structure, coupled with technological improvements, is much more so than people used banana leaves and sticks in the early days.
Feature-Rich outdoor shades can now include a crank lift system, pulley or manual lift, Button, collar or automatic liftTilting mechanism (
As seen in the car
Tilt patio umbrella), built-
Integrated stereo systems in lighting and even convenience.
Because this product is putting in too much now, it is important to know what the shadow of today is made up of and how to use it.
In this article, we will discuss the automatic crank lift
The oblique version of this type of shadow.
Make up this automatic component
Tilt patio umbrella is: almost all of these products have a center bar unless there is an offset variety.
Some people will have one.
A center bar is the perfect choice for commercial-grade applications.
But most have a bar at the bottom and at the top, connected together by sliding and kept in place by the button. The auto-
The above tilt products use a threaded connection to keep the patio umbrella in a stronger position and the connection swings less.
The top bar contains the crank housing, and when the crank turns, it closes or opens depending on the clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation of the crank.
The crank is attached to the nylon cable, or (Like Galtech. a steel cable.
Once the crank rotates, the cable wraps around the crank shaft and starts lifting the wheel hub up through the pulley on the upper part of the top bar.
The long rib connected to the fixed top hub and the short rib connected to the runner-up hub start pushing up the beach umbrella and away from the center bar. (
Note: Make sure to go from \"dead-\" before starting to open-lock\" position. )
At this point, the fabric sewn in the pocket outside the lid begins to become tense.
Continue to rotate the crank and place the shadow in a fully open position.
Once fully opened, the umbrella of the market is now ready to tilt. On our Auto-
Example of the above tilt, continue to turn the umbrella (
Rotate in the same opening)
The umbrella will begin to tilt.
The tilt mechanism is variable, so you can turn to the desired tilt position.
Please note when reclining that it does not interfere with the traffic of people walking under the structure.
This is usually not a problem when the patio umbrella is placed on the table.
Turning the crank counter open and tilt the beach umbrella will return it to normal non-
The tilt position and further start will turn it off.
Once the outdoor umbrella is completely closed, it is a good idea to push the ribs to \"die\" through the cranklock\" position.
This will prevent it from accidentally opening in any unexpected situation.
In our next article, we will discuss the correct usage of the umbrella base (Umbrella Stand)
And the protection quality of the patio umbrella cover.
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