when did brides start wearing white wedding gowns?

by:FeaMont     2020-08-01
The wedding dress is white.
Is the wedding dress always white? Or is this a new event?
Does the bride have to wear a white wedding dress because wearing another color will bring bad luck to the marriage?
Going back to history, women hope to look great on their wedding day.
Rich people can buy expensive dyes for colors like red, purple and black.
So their clothes are the most daring color.
They also made fur and skirts with precious gems to help the bride stand out.
Women from wealthy families work on silk and velvet, and the poor girl\'s clothes are made of linen or fine wool.
The color of the girl\'s dress is the factor that determines luck.
Pink is considered unfortunate but good for a possible wedding.
Green was not welcome for inviting fairies to the ceremony.
Green is also considered the color of rain.
Because blue symbolizes purity, loyalty and eternal love, people prefer it.
When brides wear blue on their wedding day, people believe it makes their groom loyal to them throughout the marriage.
White symbolizes innocence, but White is the color of mourning in some countries, so this is not a popular color choice.
Yellow used to be fashionable, and red has nothing to do with bridal dresses because red is designed for red women.
Some brides wear gray wedding dresses because they can wear them on other occasions.
Some places don\'t wear black because it symbolizes mourning.
Apart from black and red, the wedding dress has different colors.
In the 1800 s, a white dress with a veil became fashionable.
The royal family wore white on the wedding day.
Princess Charlotte married Prince Leopold of Saxony in a white wedding dress. Coburg.
A few years later, Queen Victoria wore a white silk bridal gown.
She chose the color so she could use some of the lace she had and add it to the dress.
She let the bridesmaids carry the train.
Queen Victoria\'s dress was used again during her Diamond Jubilee celebration;
She wore a black silk dress.
This set the trend for women to wear white clothes on the wedding day.
Nowadays, wedding dresses have different shades from white to eggshells, ivory and light brown.
The tailoring and design of these white dresses have also been evolving over the years.
Women wear white in order to conform to the tradition, or because of the lack of other wise color choices, and also because White is generally considered to symbolize purity.
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